School Lunch Hero Day Stories
Art © 2013 Jarrett J. Krosoczka 

School Lunch Hero Day Stories

From the Cafeteria of Justice!

by School Lunch Hero Day on 02/20/13

  • Cathy Anderson of Moneta Elementary in Bedford, Virginia, started "Tasteful Tuesdays" at her school. Every Tuesday she introduces students to a different vegetable or fruit from pumpkin to pomegranates.  She educates the students on where the food comes from, how it'’s grown and prepared, and what it does for the body.
  • The cafeteria staff of Larsen Middle School in Elgin, Illinois pulled out all the stops to transform their cafeteria into the "Larsen Lancer Lounge Luau" using festive decorations, complete with a grass hut and a tiki bar. The staff, decked out in grass skirts, served tropical drinks, made with 100% fruit juice, garnished with fresh pineapple and strawberry slices. Students were greeted with "Aloha" and their very own leis. The students and the staff loved it!
  • Sailorway Middle School's (Ohio) Cafeteria Manager Evie Hess realized many of the fourth graders weren't taking the fresh produce so she decided to mix up the menu.  Evie ordered fresh strawberries and baby spinach and served them with low fat poppy seed dressing. The class scooped up every single serving and students were asking for more the rest of the week!

  • Kathie Sardeson of Lassen View Elementary (California) eagerly took on new tasks when her school began offering free breakfast for all students and launched a new mid-morning, healthy snack cart for students.  Kathie enjoys experimenting with new recipes that add nutrition, color and taste appeal to the menu.  Kids love her "Fear Factor Smoothie" made with fruit, yogurt and leafy greens, and she even convinced students to try Kale Chips during a recent "Harvest of the Month" taste test.